If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament

     It is an old political maxim “divide and rule.” The Pro-Choice/Pro-Life debate is a canard, a faux issue. It is a cleaver way to divide men and women.  I am an “absolutist” on a woman’s right to choose. As a male, it would be the height of arrogance to embrace any other view. I know as sure as the sun is coming up tomorrow, that if men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament. Men wouldn’t tolerate any restriction on their rights if it directly effected them. Everyone of my brothers out there knows the truth of what I have just said. I dare any of you to deny it! The joke is on men because women know this about us.
     Every major religion is under the absolute control of men. Denying women reproductive freedom is how men keep women subjugated. Does anybody seriously believe that if women had had a modicum of power in the Catholic church that they would have silently stood by or would have aided and abetted the child molestation by those priests?
It is easy to engage in Jesuitical casuistries as a male. It is easy when pregnancy is an abstraction. Men, it’s too patronizing to march out our genuine concern for our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters because they might have an unwanted pregnancy. The fact is men don’t get pregnant! Women, it’s easy to wax philosophic after the fact about the sentimental memories.
To all of us, it’s quite another matter when “being late” is an anguish, a particular woman, can just not afford to have to endure. She is entitled to have her reproductive freedom completely intact. As a full citizen, she has an inalienable right to all the help the society can provide.
     I am a Republican for Choice and as pro-life as any other. I challenge anyone to dispute that the two positions are not fully compatible. It is a statistical fact that more women die each year from a wanted pregnancy than the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. It stands to reason that being pro-life means protecting the life of a woman. Or are we now saying pro-life refers to all except, pregnant females?
     Please, don’t mistake my passion for anger. Any feedback is welcome. I love to dispute the passage, but let’s try to do so, with civility and grace.  





2 thoughts on “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament

  1. Janet Dell says:

    “Men wouldn’t tolerate any restriction on their rights if it directly effected them”

    As a wife of a great man who had a one night stand when he was 19 years old and has been paying child support to that woman for 15 years, I can tell you that her pregnancy most definately did directly effect him yet these so called “MEN IN POWER” have done nothing but tolerate restriction on their rights.

    I dare you to name one single “RIGHT” that our society has given men in order to assist them in determining their own reproductive destiny. Yet you would have us believe that men have ALL THE POWER and they haven’t lifted a single finger to assist men who are directly effected by pregnanacy. It doesn’t matter if it is a young boy who was stat raped by a woman that resulted in a pregnancy and yet he has to pay CS, or that it was a man who’s girlfriend ‘kept’ his sperm after oral sex and used it to impregnate herself and yet he had to pay CS.

    I can’t believe any man would write what you did above, iow, I highly doubt you are a man.

  2. rabdrake says:

    Janet Dell, thank you for your feedback.

    I am a 63 year old biological male. Like most men, my DNA consists of an X chromosome and a broken X chromosome. lol I am an unreformed ex-catholic.
    I really have little issue with your comments. As per both my posts about women being denied reproductive freedom concerning abortion, your comments are off topic.

    The Roman Catholic Church (along with every major religion) is in the absolute control of men. The RCC is committed to enslaving every human being by controlling their sexual freedom. I dare any RCC clergy to deny that given their druthers they wouldn’t reduce the whole world to only sex in marriage. And only the rhythm method of birth control at that.
    Since your arguments are largely dappled with Jesuitical casuistries, I will guess that you are Roman Catholic and anti-choice at that.
    I am PRO-LIFE & PRO-CHOICE. What I oppose is anti-choice. My passionate opposition to anti-choice is rooted in my aversion to hateful attitudes, e.g. anti-choice, racism, anti-Semitism, Homophobia, etc.

    The right to privacy gives women the freedom of choice concerning abortion. Mary Ann Glendon, page 52, ABORTION and DIVORCE in WESTERN LAW.

    BTW I have been trying unsuccessfully to get an opinion from the RCC on whether Karezza (coitus reservatus) would be an approved method of birth control, similar to rhythm?
    See link http://www.reuniting.info/download/pdf/TheKarezzaMethodfv.pdf

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