But God Forbid A Woman

     I am an unreformed ex-Catholic. I claim to straddle both propositions, Pro-Choice/Pro-Life with equanimity. I have no problem in honoring any woman’s right to choose to opt for a child. I merely argue equally for the right to choose an abortion.    
     Sadly, we are all too willing to accept the idea, if  a god at all, then it must be a male god. Like most of the people of this world, deep down, we believe that men are superior to women. The perverse degree to which this has gone to, is best illustrated by the Catholic dogma of the trinity. God can be a father, god can be a son, god can even be a ghost, but god forbid a woman. This sexist doggerel is institutionalized by most of the major religions.
      Don’t you think it remarkable that Mary, a female, and Christ’s mother was endowed with gifts no other human being was granted. Assuming arguendo, Catholic liturgy, Mary was: conceived immaculately (without original sin), conceived Christ without sexual intercourse, assumed into heaven body and soul, bears the title “Regina Caeli” (Queen of Heaven), and was, uniquely, spared the pain of death. Even Christ had to die!
     Why is it that Pope Dope, Bennie 16  (unlike Brigham Young) has not awakened and told of us of his dream. A dream that Mary came to him and said that it was time for women to be priests? It’s not because, as a man, he has one X chromosome and one broken X chromosome. It’s because as a man he feels himself superior to women. It never occurs to him to think otherwise. After all he is surrounded by men.
     This brainwashing extends tragically to women, as well. I recently heard a woman, a so-called Catholic “spokesperson,”  defending the notion that women are, as much as men, the pillars of the church. “After all, it is the women who are the ones who place the flowers around the altar”?
     Don’t be fooled for one moment, the anti-abortion argument is the smokescreen for a wider agenda. The fundalmentalist zealots plan to strip away every persons (male or female) reproductive freedom. If they could they would have government outlaw every form of birth control save “rhythm.” Ask any Catholic prelate to verify this.
     Until men and women abandon the culturally reinforced principle of male superiority, the longer it will be that we grope in the dark.     

2 thoughts on “But God Forbid A Woman

  1. esasays says:

    There was a time when ” (my preferred way of indicating the concept referred to as God or the Power whose name may not be uttered–from my Hebrew school background,) was a woman. Men were not treated so well then, at least not in the most recent of the ‘then’s’. http://evolvefish.com/fish/product518.html

    But in the older ‘then’s’ things were different:
    When I was just a girl, the woman scholars whispered me that some 25,000 years ago, God was worshipped as female. Before the appearance of male gods and the first vestiges of war, only 6000 years ago, there was the Goddess.

    Through the disciplines of Art, Archeology and Anthropology, there is evidence of the beginnings of mathematics as women kept track of their menstrual cycles by carving the first numerics into rock. We created agriculture and language to communicate with and feed our children. We created textiles and weaving to keep our babies warm. And, most importantly, in those 25,000 pre-historic years, there was no war, which designates that we are, in fact, an inherently peaceful species.

    For a midlength bibliography see: http://www.nisto.com/wct/book/

    For a more academic treatment of the subject try Marija Gimbutas. I promise you you’ll never be the same after you read her books.

  2. rabdrake says:

    Thank you for your feedback. What an illuminating comment.

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