An Open Letter to Mary Ann Glendon

An Open Letter to Mary Ann Glendon

You once wrote “… privacy …gives women the freedom of choice concerning abortion.” If you really believe this, then why can you not grant the same respect and presumption of good faith to our president and Notre Dame? You claimed that a primary reason for demurring was your inablity to frame your speech.  I wish you would change your mind.  May I suggest that  you speak on this theme? “The need to end the Absoluteness of Male  power in the Roman Catholic Church”  

You know that if women had a modicum of real power  in the Roman Catholic Church, the bishops “common practice” of transferring predatory, pedophile clergy would never have occurred . You, yourself are an adviser to the Council of Bishops. Would you have silently sat by while these abominable practices flourished among the bishops? BTW those same prelates, using the faux controversy of Pro Choice/Pro Life, now seek to cast the stones of intolerance at others. Just like the hypocrites that they are.

You sound as a person trying to convince yourself of an argument you don’t really believe. Lord Acton, a catholic, re: the obnoxious principle of papal infallibility coined the phrase “power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Mary Ann Glendon, I read your book, loved page 52! Abortion and Divorce in Western Law.


One thought on “An Open Letter to Mary Ann Glendon

  1. rabdrake says:

    Author: Donald R. McClarey
    I’ve deleted your comments Rabdrake. You attempt to use the molestation of children by some priests, and their protection by some bishops, in order to justify your pro-abort stance. I will not allow such a sin against logic in one of my threads.

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