The g2g love song list

Please, view my blog post Women, Who Rock: Vision, Passion, Power.  These women pioneered  open expressions of same-sex attraction in popular music.


Lisa Moscatiello & Rosie Shipley – from Well Kept Secrets see featured below.

ISIS – (Horn-Rock Band) – Carol MacDonald, Nydia Mata, et al.  #5

Melanie C “Sporty Spice” & Lisa “Left Eye TLC” Lopes see featured below  & #25.

FEATURED on this post.

The absolute thrall of the bi-sexual female in pop culture

FRIDA Tango Dance – Salma Hayek y Ashley Judd – Movie Scene Frida Kahlo – Canta  Lila Downs.

PINK Re: the Miley Cyrus performance ??

“Am I into it?” Pink questioned in an interview with E! Online. “No, I think it’s tacky.”

“She’s really freaking talented; she’s beautiful,” Pink continued. “She can sing her ass off and to go up there and do that? She’s cheating herself and she’s cheating the rest of us… She can do what she wants. People can like it if they want. I’m not going to buy it. She can do better. I’ve seen her do better.”

I trust this from Pink will give Miley creative inspiration.

Crazy by Alanis Morissette cover 2005. An oldie but goodie. She’s in perfect voice. Her cover is 5 Star. Alanis preserves the best of Seal’s original. Also she adds her own unique version introducing an edgy same-sex subtext!

LA VIE d’ADELE Graphic novel by Julie Maroh


BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR – released May 26, 2013. Winner Palme d’Or at 2013 Cannes Film Festival . Starring Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux. Director Abdellatif Kechiche. Adele, is a fifteen year old high school student in a nascent love with, Emma (Lea), an older art student The same-sex scenes are reputed to be so explicit as to raise the spector of censorship. In the 66 years of Cannes, it was unprecedented that the Palme d’Or was given to the film, as well as, the two actresses.

More clips from Blue Is the Warmest Color    JM Fanmade Astronaut


Sweet Darlin’ Woman by Meg Christian released 1993 – vj Sunsong23.

The Fortune Teller with Claire Yvonne & Paola Cro directed by Paul Mazzio.  NB Claire’s performance is the cat’s pajamas. This lesbian gem is a throwback. It’s reminiscent of the days of the silent B&W “grinder loops”, complete with honky tonk music, grainy negative, title cards and sound effects. You will be left wanting more!

Obsession by Fem2Fem released 1993

I Kissed A Girl by Patricia & Colette  uploaded June 2009

Northern Star by Melanie C –  Live performance at Jools, Holland 1999.  Es Macha Diosa!

B. D. Woman’s Blues by Lucille Bogan released 1935 – B. D. aka Bull Dyke, Bulldagger. “They can lay their jive just like a natural man.” NB  Lyrics dropdown – vj centurian0192

For My Lover by Tracy Chapman – “Follow my heart…Deep in this love no man can shake.”  released April 5, 1988.

Lick It (uncensored) by God-des & She – vj mercilessmissus

Peggy Gordon by Sinead O’Connor – note the same-sex emphasis at 4:41 – 5:07.

Pretty Woman by K D Lang, Bonnie Raitt, Debbie Peterson,  Emmylou Harris, Carla Azar, Lisa Coleman, Cindy Bullens, Wendy Melvoin,  Tina Weymouth, and friends.  performed 1990 – vj unkaswine

Jolene by The White Stripes – So unique and so gay!

Walk Away Renee by Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy released 2006, Adieu False Heart  “Your name and mine inside a heart…”

Mujer Contra Mujer (Woman vs Woman) by Mecano – scenes from Maidens in Uniform 1958 – vj 1982 romy

Marie by Laura Berkson performed by Vox Femina  Los Angeles – vj casaprime.

You Can Sleep While I Drive by  Jewel & Melissa Etheridge – live duet – (0:01 through 3:31)  – vj MyyyTunes3

It starts with the eyes, always with the eyes! Jewel, in particular, almost  never breaks eye contact. Gradually, she engages Melissa’s eyes. Watch the body language throughout, e.g. 3:07-08 and the oh so subtle purse of Jewel’s lips toward Melissa at 0:41-42. One of the finest mixtures of passion and performance in a live duet, ever recorded.

Come Over Here by Sarah Bettens

I Don’t Do Boys by Elektra

The Weakness In Me by Joan Armatrading – released 1982 – Arguably the First same-sex love triangle song.  “It does Get Better.”

I Want To Be With You by Mandy Moore – vj xxRaninbow1978xx

Hold You by Karima Francis – vj 8LJV

Sun, Night and Moon – Sol, Noche y Luna by Chenoa – vj mjgma3

Love on a Two-Way Street by Laura Nyro – live cover 1972 bi-sexual as to her beloved.  see categories for post of lyrics, etc. To access song please cut & paste the link below – then scroll down to the title “Love on a Two-way Street.”

Valerie by Amy Winehouse – so saddened – RIP

Never Be The Same Again by Melanie C Sporty Spice and Lisa Left Eye Lopes released 1999.  This song is unique as a  same-sex duet in that the performers dialogue with each other, e.g. Mel C:  “I’m hoping that you feel the same.” Left Eye: “Yeah.” at  1:02-1:07.

Me and Mrs Jones by Sarah Jane Morris released 1995 and banned that year by the BBC

Prove It On Me Blues by Ma Rainey performing as a Bull Dyke released 1928 – vj lucymusicfan. Please be sure to click the 2nd link below. The artwork, the cultural lesbiana, the lyrics, and the article by Jonathan Ned Katz are not to be missed.

see also 2nd link below by’s_%22Prove_It_On_Me_Blues,%22_1928

When only the ineffable will do. Kiss scene from When Night Is Falling – vj theundefinedgirl

I only Want To Be with You by Alix Dobkin released 1973 on Lavender Jane

Here’s A Health To All True Lovers by Lisa Moscatiello
& Rosie Shipley from Well Kept Secrets. Lisa’s  treatment
of this traditional Scottish ballad is in the style of
sean-nós nua.

Quand L’amour Meurt  (When love dies) by Marlene Dietrich –  Morocco (1930)  – dir. Josef Von Sternberg  – youtube vj JohnElefante.

The awesome power of the bisexual female having both genders in her thrall. Marlene on the one hand is a total dish rag/ floor mat to Gary Cooper. Yet, she still manages one of the greatest Drag King scenes ever performed.

Marlene stealing a kiss from Eve Southern. N.B.  the eye contact between Marlene & Eve as it leads up to the kiss. See 1:44-2:24 infra Btw check out Marlene’s shoes!

 Black Magic Woman by Patricia Barber


Anywhere by Evanescence – Fire by Deepa Mehta – vj beepcaz

Secret by Missy Higgins "So we moved together like a ball and chain. Minds becoming two halves of the same" 

Sweet Woman by Cris Williamson released 1977

“Life without music would be a mistake.”

Roads by Portishead – When Night is Falling  – mix

An intensely emotional singer of women in the style of Laura Nyro. Two by Anais Mitchell, singer/songwriter – # 102 “Shenandoah”

AND  #57 "Venus" by Anais Mitchell

Wenn die beste Freundin (When my best Friend) by Marlene Dietrich and Margot Lion “…which became the theme song of lesbians in late 1920s Berlin.” see also links at #34 infra

Pissing In The River by Patti Smith – vj claracorrmorrison All Over Me

Désiree by Laura Nyro released November 1971.
“Laura Nyro performing Desiree, I couldn’t find this on youtube so I just made  it. It is presumed and almost sure that Laura Nyro’s treatment of her song “Desiree” is one of the most undisguised professions of love by a woman singing to another woman ever recorded. I just love Laura Nyro!” vj 3assal

Cute For a Girl by Alix Olson

I like Girls by Axe Girl – The 2K7 tour was titled Lock Up Your Daughters. Spashley cover by vj GINGERQUEEN

Two Women – Due Donne by Paola Turci – Laura a lesbian love song – another over the top cover by vj mjgmf3


Maria and I – Io e Maria by Paola Turci – cover  vj cover mjgmf3


I Didn’t Just Kiss Her by Jen Foster – see lyrics link at #85

Let’s Get This Party Started by Pink

Twist in My Sobriety by Tanita Tikaram

Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter by Phranc

Maggie May by Cathy Young.   Note her same-sex emphasis as she echoes“But you turned into a lover , oo, what a lover, you wore me out…”  1:55-2:03 – Recorded in October, 1972. The same-sex emphasis and the time frame make her cover unique in the annals of pop music. Vj   cover by petecsanky. “From Cathy Young’s 1973 GRT Album “Travel Stained”

Raspberry Swirl by Tori Amos. This is an important overt display of same-sex attraction in popular music.   “When the boys can’t be men, everybody knows I’m her friend. Everybody knows I’m her man.” “In some of my relationships with a few of my women friends, I play a certain role. Heh, this is really getting in…I know, I hope my father’s not watching this. He just doesn’t know what to do. The strait jacket’s coming. But you know I always told my dad – you know gays, lesbians, he just has to get used  to it. One of the nieces and nephews is gonna be one, he’s just gotta get ready. So what I said was ah to Beanie, who’s the love of my life. My husband understands this, that we’re married. We’re absolutely  married. And I adore her with all my heart…because this is for her and I’m in love with her…” Kudos Wikipedia.

Te Amo by Rihanna featuring Laetitia Casta


   1. Timer by Laura Nyro - released 3/3/68 -  is the
"Thirteenth confession"  of Eli and the Thirteenth 
Confession. –  graziemillione – kurt11110

2.    Emmie by Laura Nyro – released 3/ 3/68 – Pop’s, first lesbian love song – vj mjgmf3 – vj sylvette323b

3. Désiree by Laura Nyro & Labelle – released 11/17/71

4.  Maggie May by Cathy Young Vj cover by petecsanky. Recorded in October, 1972

5.  I Only Want To Be with You by Alix Dobkin released 1973 on Lavender Jane

6.  She loves me by Isis released 1974.

7.  Gloria by Patti Smith released 1975

8. Sweet Woman by Cris Williamson released 1977

9.  Sunday Girl by Blondie released 1979 – as a Drag King  OMG

10. High School Confidential by Carole Pope and Rough Trade – originally released 1980 – 1986 concert – 2006

with Peaches – Montreal 2007

11.    Valerie by Quarterflash released 1981

12.  Crimson & Clover by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts 1983

13.  When you were mine by Cyndi Lauper released 1983

& a separate cover by Tegan and Sara

14. Roadnotes by Laura Nyro released 1984

15. I Kissed a Girl by Jill Sobule – live – live with Melissa Ferrick & Jill Sobule –  Beavis & Butthead version with samples of the original 1995 video

16.  Peggy Gordon by Sinead O’Connor & a separate cover by Andrea Corr & The Corrs & a youtube cover.

N.B. link below – youtube cover by nikiarrowsmith

17.  Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover by Sophie B. Hawkins & in a duet with Melissa Etheridge

18. Tonight’s the Night by Janet Jackson

19. Show Me Love by T.A.T.U.

20. All The things She Said (Ya Soshla S Uma) by T.A.T.U.

21. She’s So lovely by The Butchies

22.  Drive by Melissa Ferrick

23. I Don’t Cry Anymore by Catie Curtis cover by peacetonight7

24. Girl from the North Country – by Lisa Moscatiello & Rosie Shipley – Definitive version of a traditional song from Well Kept Secrets & a  separate  cover by Katy Davidson – Dear Nora & a youtube cover by Kaymmill – now defunct.

25. Never Be The Same Again by Melanie C “Sporty Spice” and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes live duet live duet

MTV 2000 live duet
mix live duet – TOP of Pops – song touted as number 1

26. Squeezebox Days by The Murmurs

27. Shameless by Ani DiFranco

28. Tell Me by God-Des and She

29. Leah by Rachael Sage

30. The Whole Night by Ani DiFranco great you tube cover by kayenne1

31.  All You Got by Tegan and Sara

32.  Valerie by Amy Winehouse

33.   Alison by Janis Hoyt & the Maryjanes

34. Wenn die beste Freundin (When my best Friend) by Marlene Dietrich and Margot Lion “…which became the theme song of lesbians in late 1920s Berlin.” The links below feature different performances.  A sample in English of the Ute Lemper cover (3rd link below) “When The Special Girlfriend” is in the movie Kissing Jessica Stein. – dance duet sample – Jessica Stein sample -Kissing Jessica Stein sample – Ute Lemper

35. Girl I told Ya by Valeria

36.  I kissed a girl by Katy Perry (see song 85)

37. You Can Sleep While I Drive by Melissa Etheridge. In a duet with Jewel and a duet with Amy Grant.

38. Send Me You by  The Butchies

39. Let’s Get This Party Started by Pink – full length

40. Gotta Get Over Greta by The Nields  (preview link) “Two skinny tomboys on our bikes – Riding forever into the summer night. There is no marriage more sublime. There is no divorce more final.”

41. The Weakness In Me by Joan Armatrading a cover by Melissa Etheridge

42. Tangled up in Blue by The Indigo Girls

&  Redacted version – youtube cover by ehburns2

43. She’s A Lady by Patricia Barber

44. Beauty*2 by Ladytron mibblet cover brujales cover

45. Crazy by Alanis Morissette – Five star cover of a brilliant song by Seal. Alanis is in excellent voice, ingeniously weaving an intriguing storyline containing love triangles, bisexuality, dyke drama – wow!,film,51006,sortuj,ch,st,5,pozycja,5657,Alanis_Morissette_-_”%3BCrazy”%3B

46. Oh My God by Pink featuring  Peaches – youtube cover geminiif

youtube cover jamessouth

youtube cover terminite

47. I Like Girls by Axe Girl – you tube cover GINGERQUEEN. GQ’s entire Spashley series on youtube is 5-star.

48. Kissing by Bliss – N.B.  Piper Perabo, as a baby-dyke, presaging her role  as Rachel in Imagine Me & You – youtube cover juneseventeen

49. Hush Sweet Lover by Kd Lang

50. The Road by Leslie Leone

51. Why Couldn’t It Have Been Me?  by Ari Fox Lauren

52.   Angels Never Call by Aimee Mann & ‘Til Tuesday

53.  For My Lover by Tracy Chapman

54.  I Don’t Wanna Talk About It by the Indigo Girls. “…I certainly never thought we’d record a song that Rod Stewart had done.’ E.S.” (Rarities – liner notes)

55.  Not A Love Song by Uh Huh Her

56.  Ballad in Plain D by the Indigo Girls – youtube cover KDANTEATER

57.  Venus by Anais Mitchell

58.  Here’s a Health to All True Lovers by Lisa Moscatiello & Rosie Shipley from their album Well Kept Secrets

Contrasting the same-sex emphasis supra is this version by Scottish traditional singer, Belle Stewart

59.  Halo by Bethany Joy Lenz

60.  Spanish Harlem by Janet Seidel and a separate cover by Rebecca Pidgeon

61.  Black Magic Woman by Patricia Barber

62.  Prove It on Me Blues by Ma Rainey released 1928.  “Went out last night with a pile of my friends. They must have been women cause I don’t like no men.”

63.   B. D. Woman’s Blues by Lucille Bogan released 1935 (B. D. aka Bull Dyke) “…they can lay their jive just like a natural man.”

64.    Walk The Dog & Light The Light (Song of the Road) by Laura Nyro, released 1993 youtube cover vj denknee

65.    Sweet Woman by Cris Williamson released 1977

66.   You Had Time by Ani Difranco

67.   Softcore by Dusty Springfield with Carole Pope  at the  Rough Trade 1986 Farewell Concert – Montreal. Carole to Dusty “You like to be on top?”

68. Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter by Phranc

69. Come Over Here by Sarah Bettens

70. If You Go Away by Dusty Springfield

71. Viens, Malika – Lakme by Maddy Mesple and Danielle Millet – VJ starrynight003

72. Shy by Ani DiFranco

73. Sally Go Round The Roses by Fanny

74. Te Amo by Rihanna

75.  Just Like A Woman by Barbara Higbie, Teresa Trull, Vicki   Randle, et al

76. Take me or leave me by Idina Menzel & Tracie Thomas

77. Come To My Window And Inevitable by Shakira & Melissa

78.  I Hate your ex-girlfriend by God-des & She

79.   Cute For a Girl by Alix Olson

80. One More Hour by Sleater-Kinney

81. Perfect by Doria Roberts

82.  These Boots Were Made For Walkin’ by Two Nice Girls

83.   Josephine by Brandi Carlile

84.  I Want Her (T. A. T. U.) by fan, VJ kelley1384. Props to kelley1384  for capturing the ubiquitous positive images of  women in same-sex sensuality/affection,  the hallmark of  T.A.T.U.

85.  I Didn’t Just Kiss Her by Jen Foster.  The lyrics are 5 star. see song #36) – lyrics

86. Two Girls Strong by Ferron and Bitch

87.   I Spent My Last $10 (On Birth Control and Beer) by Two Nice Girls

88.   The Queer Song by Two Nice Girls

89.  Baby, One More Time by Gretchen Phillips

90.  This is for my babe! a lesbian love song by sweet chiq13

91.   Hey Girl (lesbian song) by Grawford

92.   Mujer Contra  Mujer (Woman Vs. Woman) by Mecano – cover by VJ mjgmf3

93.   She by Jen Foster

94.   Show me your pussy by Lords of Acid

95.   Eyes in the Back of My Head by The Cliks

96.   Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses by CWA cover by VJ mjgmf2

97.   I’m Not Giving You Up by Gloria Estefan VJ cover of I Can’t Think Straight by mjgmf2

100. Telephone by Lady GaGa & Beyoncé

101.   Like  Me by Chely Wright
104. There she goes by Sixpence None The Richer
105. Puerto Pollensa By Sandra Mihanovich special thanks to gaby
106.   Dame un minuto + de ti – Give me  one more minute with you by Sandra Mihanovich
lyrics in English Sandra Mihanovich
107.  If It Isn’t Her by Ani DiFranco
108. Twist in my Sobriety by Tanita Tikaram


To make the list: the singer must be a woman; the love lyrics must be obvious; and the love object must be unmistakably a woman.  Not friendship love, but undisguised sensuality, an open expression of same-sex attraction.

Please feel free to circulate the list and to make suggestions.