An Open Letter to The Advocate

To the Editor: 
     Please find enclosed a copy of an Open Letter to Michele Kort. The link will also provide categories to assist in gleaning other relevant data.
     If the Advocate is a news source of the LGBT community, you should welcome an opportunity to celebrate Laura Nyro. A singer-songwriter, musician, who is the author of “Emmie’ Pop’s first lesbian love song.”  “Emmie” & “Timer,” 1968 “Désiree,” 1971, “Roadnotes” 1984,  “Walk The Dog & Light The Light” 1993, “Sweet Dream Fade,” and “Angel In The Dark” 1994, all represent love songs to a woman. which at the time was “The love that dare not speak its name.” 
     Laura Nyro was a bisexual, who  lived and embraced the radical, lesbian, feminist, subculture from1967 through 1997.
     There is presently a drive to nominate Laura Nyro for the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame And Museum,
     The following link best summarizes the nomination efforts.
     Thank you RAB