An Open Letter to Maria Florio

December’s Boudoir – The Film
Hi Maria Florio:
There is overwhelming, circumstantial evidence that Laura and Maria, Lauria were a flame (an intimate friendship between an older woman and a younger woman). The origin of the flame can be traced back to 1967, e.g. “Emmie,” “Timer,” and the silhouetted back cover of the vinyl record album, Eli and the Thirteenth Confession, released on March 3, 1968.
My premise is virtually absolute when viewed in the context of Laura’s personal attribution of Désiree. Released in 1971 on “Gonna Take a Miracle,” Désiree is a Sapphic reverie to and about Maria. Laura refrained her beloved’s name 14 times in a 1:48 min/sec. A name that means desire. Remarkable is the fact that Maria’s last name, Desiderio, means desire. Both Michelle Kort and Patty DiLauria refuse to rebut my claim that the inspiration for Désiree was Maria. Nor am I the only person who is on the record.
Debra J. Wolstein, who admitted to personal knowledge of Lauria, posted the following on on June 4, 2009, concerning Lauria.Laura & Maria had to have at least tested the waters in the early 70’s for that song to have manifested in ‘71 as such a personal tribute of love and desire…because of the unmistakably erotic/romantic quality of that song (again, I agree that she re-wrote it as a subtle reference to Maria “Desiderio”) and other songs to follow…”
My main tag is Rabdrake. I am a “lesbian pop” historian. Rabdrake’s Weblog posts  The g2g love song list. Currently, there are 94 songs with well over 100 links to videos enhancing the songs listed. Song #3 is “Désiree.” “Timer” is song #1. “Emmie” is #2. Walk The Dog & Light the Light is song #64.
The categories on the web-page can more specifically direct you; should you need further data.
Anything that you can add would be welcome. Any help that I can offer is yours for the asking. Thanks RAB