Confessions of a dyke chaser

Thought it safest to begin on a very tentative note with this ditty.

A Postcard to Nina by Jens Lekman

A confession of over 30 years of social intimacy with lesbian & lesbian identified bisexual women.

DYKE CHASER:  Definition – a male who dates lesbians. A male who has as his primary social and/or  sexual network, lesbians or lesbian identified bisexual women. aka lesbian groupie

Advice given to me by my second roommate, Ace.

Rule 1.  Sexual intimacy, if at all, can only be an incidental part of the relationship.

Rule 2.  As her male consort, you must always defer to her preference to be with another woman or other women.

Rule 3. If there is any chemistry, whenever possible, cruise the couple.

Rule 4. Relish and savor a crush. The unique aspect of a crush is that it is very personal. It takes little or no reinforcement from the other party to sustain it.

Rule 5. Never underestimate any showing of spontaneous affection, particularly, a kiss .

Rule 6. If the chemistry signals a mutual attraction, lower if not altogether remove your expectations. Any deliberate quest should be modest, e.g., a mere touch or kiss, and in no way initiated by you. Never forget, the most intense may come from the least occasioned.

Rule 7. It starts with the eyes always with the eyes.

Rule 8. Wherever possible take space circuitously, avoid linear and direct moves.

Rule 9. Always check back in. You can never be too aware of her feelings and/or interests.

Rule 10. Be civil and gracious to every woman you meet, even if she is Godzilla. Remember, Godzilla may have a friend. Others may be espying how you treat Godzilla as an indication of how approachable you are.

Who knows? Maybe Sappho will smile.

She Loves Her by Too Short