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Cultural Lesbiana at its best

“Emmie” is the first lesbian love song of the pop age.

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Emmie by Laura Nyro – released 3/ 3/68 on the album – Eli And the Thirteenth Confession. In June 1968, Pete Johnson claimed the song to be “…one woman romancing another woman.” On Apirl 25, 1997, Alanna Nash reported “Emmie” to be “Pop’s, firstlesbian love song” 

Props to the Ronnie Dyson cover of “Emmie.”  A noteworthy   example of the cultural evolution of “Pop’s first lesbian love song.” – vj sylvette323b 


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There are at least three examples of  an open expression of same-sex attraction in popular song, prior to the 1968 release of “Emmie.” “Wenn die beste Freundin” (When my best Friend) by Marlene Dietrich and Margot Lion “…became the theme song of lesbians in late 1920’s Berlin.” My source is Anna May Wong: from laundryman’s daughter To Hollywood legend , by Graham Russell and Gao Hodges, p.86. ¹

A  cover song, in English, by Ute Lemper was sampled in the movie Kissing Jessica Stein. “When The Special Girlfriend.”

The 2010 movie The Runaways stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning as Joan Jett & Cheri Currie, respectively.

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My vitae includes a Master’s degree in Human Sexuality. The Germans founded the science of Sexology and called it Sexualwissenschaft. It defines both a scientific and cultural approach to sexual behavior.

“Emmie” is a song about love, romance and sex. It was released on March 3, 1968. At that time, it  described a “love that dare not speak its name.” “Emmie” is an example of Cultural Lesbiana at its best.

It is precisely, the reason why I published this blog. Such an awesome event in LGBT history needs to be noted and celebrated.

Major props to Ireneextreme. Her youtube version of the original song Wienn die beste Fruendin was ornamented by a mesmerizing photo  array featuring Marlene Deitrich et al.  ( see now youtube cover, MarleneXtreme, song #34 )

Kudos to juneseventeen for her youtube video cover, “Emmie.” She described her vj cover as “Just a very sweet and innocent video to fit this song about first love.” (Her youtube cover is now defunct)

Both women, Marlene Dietrich and Laura Nyro, were bisexual, examples of awesome talent,  and the power of the bisexual female having both genders in her thrall.

P.S.  Marlene in Drag stealing a kiss from Eve Southern   “Morocco” 1930.  N.B. the eye contact between Marlene & Eve as it leads up to the kiss, see 144-224.


Rod Stewart released Maggie May/Mae in 1971.

Maggie May by Cathy Young Vj cover by petecsanky. “From CathyYoung’s 1973 GRT Album ‘Travel Stained’. Recorded in October, 1972 by the great George Semkiw at RCA Studios in downtown Toronto. The album was re-issued in 2009 by Big Pink Music in Korea (Big Pink 14).”

My current chronology of popular music of a woman singing to a love object, unmistakably a woman, not mere friendship, but undisguised sensuality, an open expression of same-sex attraction.

Notice how Laura leaves everybody in the dust!

1. Timer by Laura Nyro – 1968

2. Emmie by Laura Nyro – 1968

3. Désiree by Laura Nyro – 1971

4. Maggie May by Cathy Young – 1972

5. She Loves Me  by ISIS – 1974

6. Gloria by Patti Smith – 1975

7.  Sweet Woman by Cris Wiamson -1977

8. Sunday Girl by Blondie – 1979

9.  High School Confidential by Carole Pope and Rough Trade – 1981

10. Valerie by Quarterflash – 1981

11.  Crimson & Clover by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – 1983

12.  When you were mine by Cyndi Lauper released 1983

I can’t resist this version “When You Were Mine” Cyndi Lauper True Colors Tour 2007, even to the opening “She Bop” reference.

13. Roadnotes by Laura Nyro released 1984


¹  “B. D. Woman’s Blues” by Lucille Bogan was released in 1935.  (See song  #63 on the g2g love song list).  N.B. “Prove It on Me Blues” by Ma Rainey released 1928. (See song  #62 on the g2g love song list). Thanks to Kathy Belge